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heat soak furnace

heat soak furnace


This is a tempered glass testing equipment,after tempering process ,the glasses being put into the heat soak furnace,through the heat soaking to detect and eliminate the residual of nickel sulfide, to detonate the potential self-explosion points in advance, to avoid the tempered glass explode after installation ,after heat soaking the glass will greatly improve the pass rate, so as to improve the safety and reliability of the structures of the tempered glass.

Technique and Configuration

The Main Tech standard:

1 Device Structure: The Furnace one side doors are able to opened, 2 set of loading machine with wheel for 3 meter long glass loading.

2  Device Specification:

Device outside dimensions: L6700×W2200×H3800 mm

Device inside dimensions:  L6400×W1200×H3250 mm

Covers an area of: L13700×W3600×H4700mm

3  The Glass Production Specification:

Homogenous Glass The hugest size:6000×3000 mm

Glass Thickness Range:3-19mm

4 Product Performance: BS EN14179-1:2005.Comply with the requirments of BS EN14179-1:2005.

5 Total Power:401kW(Heating power360KW)

6 Voltage:3 Cabins 380V /50HZ.


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