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The production technology and advantages of laminated glass adhesive are introduced

LED Glass, also called photoelectric Glass, Power Glass, is a perfect combination of LED light source and Glass, and breaks through the traditional concept of architectural decoration materials. Can design patterns in the glass in advance, and later through DMX full digital intelligent technology to achieve controllable change, free control of LED light light and change. The interior uses a completely transparent wire, which is different from the ordinary wire, with no lines visible on the surface of the glass. After the later special treatment, whether technical requirements, or safety requirements, have reached the relevant national certification standards.
Modern bedroom, sound insulation effect is good, has become one of the important factors that people measure housing quality. Use the Saflex? The sandwich glass of PVB intermediate film can block sound waves and maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment. Its unique function of filtering ultraviolet rays not only protects people's skin health, but also makes the valuable furniture and exhibits in the home get rid of the bad luck of fading. It can also reduce the transmission of sunlight, reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration. A lot of advantages of sandwich glass, with the good effect that also can expect unexpectedly in household adornment respect is intended. Be like the door of a lot of families, include the door of the kitchen, it is to make material with ground glass. Cooking kitchen smoke is easy to accumulate in the above, if using laminated glass instead, there will be no trouble. Same, the glass interval of large area in the home, it is a safety hidden danger to the child that is active to be born, if use sandwich glass, parents can rest assured greatly. Even when the glass is broken, fragments and small sharp fragments remain stuck to the intermediate membrane.


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