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The difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass


Due to the broken tempered glass, the fragments will be broken into uniform small particles and there is no common glass knife shaped sharp Angle, so it is called safety glass and widely used in cars and interior decoration.
In the home, the sharp knife-like Angle after the general broken glass is easy to cut children or impingers, resulting in personal injury. Glass is broken into small particles or knife shape this is the main difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass. But in the engineering inspection, it is undoubtedly unrealistic to use such destructive inspection at every turn.
So how can you know what you buy is not tempered glass?
This also has to be analyzed from the manufacturing principle of tempered glass, tempered glass is the ordinary annealed glass first cut into the required size, and then heated to close to the softening point, and then the rapid and uniform cooling. After tempered, uniform compressive stress is formed on the surface of the glass, while tensile stress is formed inside, so that the performance of the glass can be greatly improved. The tensile strength is more than 3 times of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than 5 times of the latter.
It is also this characteristic, stress characteristic becomes the important sign that differentiates true and false toughened glass, that is toughened glass can see color stripe through polarized light slice in the edge part of glass, and observe in the surface layer of glass, can see the spot that black and white alternate with. Polarizing light can be found in the lens of a camera or in your eyeglasses. Pay attention to the adjustment of the light source so that it is easier to see.


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