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Automatic reinforced glass equipment production process

Step one: The cut size of the first glass on feeding on the stage of the automatic cleaning gluing machine, left hand to press the start switch, right hand hold in push glass into inlet, the fully automatic cleaning glue opportunity automatically take the glass and the glass single-sided (side) to hit the ground clean, clean after cleaning the glass side will automatically evenly coated UV glue, And from the automatic cleaning gluing machine discharge port out of uniform speed.
Step 2: At this time, workers use special single-claw glass sucker evenly (the specific position of the sucker is based on the actual size of the glass, the premise is to ensure that the force is uniform, to ensure that the glass will not be broken when lifting) on the glass surface, and firmly adsorbed. At this time, the worker slowly lifted the glass and put the bottom of the glass against the position of the abdomen (the worker wore a glue-proof leather apron). At this time, the two hands holding the glass and the abdomen formed a triangular stress point, which can not only reduce the weight of the glass but also greatly improve the safety factor! Then put the glass on the conveyor belt of the automatic reinforced glass production line, cover the reinforced film to be processed and align the edges of the strengthened film before putting down the glass (the strengthened film has been placed on the conveyor belt of the production line by the workers when the glass feed is cleaned and glued).
Step 3: Determine the glass back and strengthen membrane after alignment at this moment you can start the machine for glass by * pressure device with uniform out excess glue and bubbles in the glass pressure out of the back * * * 2 mm, then * pessure device will automatically raise to let out all excess glue on the conveyor belt production line, And make sure the glue does not contaminate the pressure unit cots!
Step 3: Pressed the glass full of membrane curing automatically by the pressure device and then into the box, inside visual glass without bubbles and imperfections after press the switch again after UV lamp and curing box down the piece of glass production, (in glass into the box when the conveyor belt curing residual glue followed circulation into the glue automatic recovery unit, Clean and dry the conveyor belt while recycling the glue!)


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